Treasure Every Moment that you have, Yesterday is History
Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift
That's why It's called the Present!!

Eleanor Roosevelt

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BOM through Yahoo Group & New Font

BOM 2016
this Year will be a repeat of 2008 BOM
This set never went on the site for sale
Many have lost or missed blocks.
So by request I am redoing it
Agatha Font
Known as

New Gift Alphabet
ABC Renaissance Floral 02

Each Monday a new letter goes up
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Singles in multiple sizes, Quilt Blocks,
Florals and more

Applique' Shapes For AccuQuilt System
Mix and match and make your own designs
Accuquilt System not required

Applique' My Way

A word about all my Applique' Designs
All Designs are based on the precut method
You iron you your fabric on a double fusible interfacing
such as Steam a Seam II lite or Heat'n Bond
Then you lay the pattern pieces on the prepared fabric for cutting
Pattern pieces are given in each set for you to use to get an exact cut
In the hoop the design will sew out a placement line
you remove your hoop and Iron the piece required in place
and replace your hoop in your machine
Next is the tack down stitch and the finished stitch

General Detailed Instructions for my Applique'

©ITH Applique' Block and Designs 1 (AccuQuilt) ©ITH Applique' Block and Designs 2 (AccuQuilt)
©ITH Applique Block and Designs 3 (AccuQuilt) ©ITH Applique Block and Designs 4 (AccuQuilt)
©ITH Applique' Fun Flower 5 (AccuQuilt) ©ITH Applique' Hearts 'n Flowers 6 (AccuQuilt)
©ITH Applique' Tulip Time 7 (AccuQuilt) ©ITH Applique' Feathers and Petals 08 (AccuQuilt)
©ITH Applique' Hearts All Around 09 (AccuQuilt) ©ITH Applique' Shamrock 10 (AccuQuilt)
©ITH Applique' AccuQuilt Sunbonnet Sue (AccuQuilt) © ITH Applique' AccuQuilt Overall Sam (AccuQuilt)

Applique' Using precut Shapes ( not accuquilt)

©ITH Flower Face Applique' Painting
©ITH Petal Pizazz Applique Blocks 140mm ©ITH Petal Pizazz Applique Blocks 200mm
©ITH Applique' Quilt Block and Designs Fan ITH Applique' 2012 Christmas Poinsettia
©ITH Applique' Mr. and Mrs. Mushroom ©ITH Applique' Mr Elephant
© ITH Applique' Mr Lion Hear me Roar ITH Applique' Fringe Flower - Nov 10 2014

Designs needing fabric and stabilizer


©In the Hoop Endless Borders 1
©2015 Quilt Blocks Set 1 © 2015 Quilt Blocks Set 2
©2015 Quilt Blocks Set 3 ©2015 Quilt Blocks Set 4
© Butterfly Beauties 3 - Candlewick ©Butterfly Beauties 4 in Candlewick
©Bella Quilt Lace ©That's Amore'
©Candlewick Quilt Blocks 1 ©Candlewick Quilt Blocks 2
©Candlewick Quilt Blocks 3 - ©Candlewick Quilt Blocks 4 -
©A Country Promise Quilt Lace ©Filigrana Espaņola
©Pearl Parfait Lace Quilt ©Quilters Continuous Outline 3
©Quilters Continuous Outline 4 ©Feather Quilting 1
© Feather Quilting 2 © Feather Quilting 3
©Quilters Pride 1 ©Quilters Pride 2 Stippling -
©Quilters Pride 3 Cont. Outlines ©Quilters Pride 4 Feathers
© 2013 Quilting with Cross Stitch Set 1 ©2013 Quilting with Cross Stitch Set 2
©2013 Quilting with Cross Stitch Set 3 ©2013 Quilting with Cross Stitch Set 4
©2013 Quilting with Cross Stitch Set 5 ©2013 Quilting with Cross Stitch Set 6

© Embossed Dog Breeds ©Embosed Cat Breeds
©Birds of a Feather ©Regal Flourishes
©Peacock Proud © The Pumpkin Patch
© Heirloom Romance I ©Heirloom Romance II
© Renaissance Reflections Lace I ©Renaissance Reflections II
©Renaissance Reflections III © Serenity Lace 1
©Serenity Lace II © Serenity III
©Serenity Lace IV ©Serenity Lace V

©In the Hoop Oh Baby Oh ©ITH Christmas Quilt Blocks 2013 set 1
©ITH Christmas Quilt Blocks 2013 set 2 ©ITH Christmas Quilt Blocks 2013 set 3
©ITH Montana Rose Bush ©ITH Texas Tulip
©In the Hoop Carolina Lily ©In the Hoop Log Cabin
©In the Hoop Oriental Splendor ©In the Hoop Paisley Splendor
©In the Hoop Victorian Splendor ©In the Hoop Butterfly Splendor
©In the Hoop Crazy Patch Quilt Blocks ©In the Hoop Quilt Borders
©ITH Diamond Log Cabin © 2014 BOM ITH Crazyblocks
© 2013 ITH BOM Quilt Blocks ©2012 ITH BOM Quilt Blocks
©2011 ITH BOM Quilt Blocks ©2010 ITH BOM Quilt Blocks

©Grandmother's Flower Garden ©Filet Crochet 3
©The Last Supper ©Snowbell Whispers
© Christmas 2011 - Advent Calendar ©Stain Glass window Wall hanging
©Butterfly Dreams ©Christmas 2008, Poinsettia Basket and Doily
©Christmas 2007 a Victorian Christmas ©Christmas Lace SF & Ornament Covers 2006
©Christmas Lace SF & Ornament Covers 2005 ©Christmas Lace Ornaments 2004
©Venetian Lace Set © Venetian Lace Set 2
©Bushels of Baskets I © Bushel of Baskets II
©Bushels of Christmas Baskets III Lace Baskets ©Bushel of Lace Baskets and Doilies Set 4
© Bushel of Lace Baskets Set 5 ©Victorian Lace Basket and Doily Set 6
©Fluted Star Lace Basket and Doily Set 7 ©A Single Heart Lace Ensemble 8
©Basket, Bells, & Doilies. Making Memories 9 ©Basket & Doilies, A Little Bit of Heaven 10
©Pineapple Crochet lace Doily and Basket ©Double Pineapple Doilies
©Pineapple Diamond ©Pineapple Doilies Set 3

© ABC 18th Century ©ABC Alexandria Script
©ABC Alphabet of Life ©ABC Flemish Script
©ABC Andrade Swash © ABC Angelica
©ABC Anglican Text © ABC Ayers Royale
©ABC American Sign Language ©ABC American Sign Language Quilt Block
© ABC Busy Bee © ABC Balmoral Script Floral
© ABC 3D Baby Blocks FSL © ABC Baby Building Blocks
© ABC Babies Building Blocks FSL ©ABC Applique' Baby Blocks
©5ABC Banner Star Cross Stitch ©ABC Bell Bottom, Applique'
© ABC Baskerville 20 © ABC Baskerville 30
© ABC Bella Initials ©ABC Blackswan Bouguet
©ABC Blackletter 686 cutwork © ABC Boo
© ABC in Candlewick 1 ©ABC Candy Cane
©ABC Calligraphy 1 ©ABC Calligraphy 2
© ABC Celebration Text © ABC Santa's Christmas Sleigh FSL
© ABC Collegiate ©ABC Cooper Black Applique'
© ABC Cottage ©ABC Fan Flower
© ABC Elephantbells ©ABC Embossed
© ABC Gaelic Charms © ABC Greyton Script
©ABC Heart Clusters © ABC Heartland
© ABC Ezra Hebrew Alphabet © ABC Hebrew Torah
©ABC Heh Pumpkin © ABC Impact
© ABC Jacoba ©ABC Lombardie, Applique'
© ABC Newlyweds ©ABC Regal Initials
© ABC Riki Kuma © ABC Romantically Yours
© ABC Rosebud © ABC Renaissance Ruritania
©Heritage Collection ABC Sajou 601 ©Heritage Collection ABC Sajou 602
©Heritage Collection ABC Sajou 603 ©Heritage Collection ABC Sajou 604
© ABC Sensative Floral © ABC Shamrock XS
ABC Snowbell Whispers FSL © ABC Sunbonnet Lady
©ABC Victorian Moments © ABC Venetian Caps
©ABC You Are Precious ©ABC American Dream Cross Stitch
© ABC Fatso ©ABC Pet Paw

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