Fluted Star Lace Basket and Doily

Free Standing lace

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Price $35.00

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Basket and Doily in 3 Sizes

Design's are Stand alone Lace
Instructions Included for assembly
I used 2 layers of water soluble stablizer,
number 12 schmetz universal needle,
40 weight Madeira Rayon thread top and bottom

Basic Basket Assembly

This basket has very simple assembly..
One bottom and 6 or 5 petals to this basket..
Bottoms given for both
I use a standard zig zag stitch number 3 width to sew together..
Not a satin stitch.
Sew all petals to gether leaving one side open
This shows the last part to be sewn together. Slightly turn and sew up the last petals to gether Voila done
To get the fluted edges,
I hand stitched on the center satin stitch row in the desgn to make it fold back,
till it was dry.
and it help to make the sharp corners...

Basic Doily Assembly

The doily is 4 designs sewn together..
first 2 sides each, then straght down the middle
I uses an antique stitch from my Pfaff 2144 to sew to gether

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