In the Hoop
Fringed Flower

Applique' My Way

A word about all my Applique' Designs
All Designs are based on the precut method
You iron you your fabric on a double fusible interfacing
such as Steam a Seam II lite or Heat'n Bond
Then you lay the pattern pieces on the prepared fabric for cutting
Pattern pieces are given in each set for you to use to get an exact cut
In the hoop the design will sew out a placement line
you remove your hoop and Iron the piece required in place
and replace your hoop in your machine
Next is the tack down stitch and the finished stitch


Supplies you will need
Fabric, Stabilizer, or batting
Steam a Seam Lite II -- you can get sheets on the roll
or Therm O Web HeatnBond Lite
Clover Mini Iron -- I use the clover mini iron II
I see no other way to do this, with out this small iron
Reg medium stabilizer for using for the pattern pieces

This is your pattern Piece design.
it can be sewn out on stabilizer for pattern piece or
printed out to exact size for a paper pattern piece
On the pattern piece for the Flower center.
Yellow for the flower center ironed on Steam a seam,
for the piece with out steam a seam Same fabric color ,
this piece is floated not ironed in place
If you have a cutting machine ask me for the SVG
Pre cut all your shapes in the fabric you want.
be sure all fabric is ironed on a double sided bonding mesh
before cutting. Keep paper on till you need the shapes
I am using the block with 4 corners,
hoop a thin stabilizer with the main fabric
I use mesh interfacing type
Your first line will be placement for the First corner.
now you can see where to place your first corner
Place about 1/4 inch over the line good face down
Fold back
Repeat for the other 2 corners.
and fold back out of the way
Now you will sew out the Placement lines
for the stem and leaves Remove hoop
Now press the leaves and stem in place.
at the same time press the corners out of the way
Replace the hoop in your machine
And sew out the tack down and finished stitch lines
Now sew out the placement line for the flower
Remove hoop once again and
Iron the Flower in place.
be sure to fit exactly in the placement line
Replace the hoop
And sew out the tack down and
finished stitch lines for the flower
now sew the placement line for the flower center
Once again remove hoop
Iron the yellow center in place
Replace hoop and Sew out the tack down and finished stitches
Now the tricky part. Take the flower center same color as the flower
and Float it over the yellow center,
and sew out the small center Placement line
Should now look like this.
with the small center stitch out line
Remove hoop and once again iron the small yellow center in place.
now you are ready for the final step
Last time replace hoop and sew out the Flower small center
Now you are ready to snip the fringe around the center
Using the basting line as a trimming guide.
trine your block to desired size
You can then remove the basting line
Voila' Your finished Block