ABC Santa's Christmas Sleigh

Free Standing Lace

Available Formats

Total Designs 42,

Can be used as single ornaments
or as 3D Sleigh ornaments, party favor holders

Design's are Stand alone Lace
I used 2 layers of Vilene,
number 12 schmetz universal needle,
40 weight Madeira Rayon thread top
and serger cone thread on the bobbin,
Rayon can be used

Price $35.00

File Format Required

Easy Assembly

Sew out 2 sides and 1 each bottom
Pin to a styrofoam board and rinse
let dry

When dry,
run a bead of Allen's fabric Glue along the lines shown
let it get tacky
Take the 2 sleigh bottoms.
smaller one is the sled back
run a glue bead along one side of each and let get tacky
apply to the sleigh side and let dry

Now run a bead down the bottoms,
and the other sleigh side let get tacky
and place on top of the Bottom . Let dry

Now it looks like this Let dry WELL

Once dry, Take a small styrofoam Ball or egg
and insert in the sleigh gently
take a spray bottle
and spray gently the sides pushed by the egg.
let dry

Your sleigh is now ready to fill and decorate

I am working on one with holly and pearls

Design Specifications

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Skeldale House