Area around the House

Molly and me starting our walk. Mowed area today
we walk up the road to the fence. you can see the top of the root cellar to the upper left

Up the road a bit looking down at the area behind the house, that is mowed. You can see how high the grass got

Clearer area of what I mowed to day. went to the fence

At the fence looking back on what I mowed today

Better view of mowed area and you can see the cellar here to the right of the tree in the center

Looking back on what was in picture before I am in front of the cellar

Just walked past the cellar to the left side. This is what is left to mow. will take 2 days corral on the left

Walking the line around the fence

Looking down to the house from by the cellar, this needs the weed eater

Walking now over to the fence. Molly loves these walks. you can see what is left to mow

Looking down to the road below the graves. all mowed

These next 2 are looking back to the plum Orchard. One plum tree left. just needs some weed eating now

Now on the road looking up all you see is our land

off to the right of the road. needs mowing again

Now looking to the left of road. up to the corral and barn and plum orchard

Our Front Lawn

Pond Pictures, virtual jungle

Back to where we started. Front door. small pond to the mowing I did to day